Speak Out! If Anything is Amiss with YOU

Reaching out and asking for help is one of the toughest acts someone can commit. It is not just a matter of saying the words; instead, the courage and strength that it requires is a lot. From admitting to having a problem to seeking the courage to reach out, accept their help, and then actively take consistent action to make the situation better. Miss Kelly, in her book A Goat That Escaped and Survived, shares her own story of seeking help from abuse, trauma, addiction, and harassment.

Kelly wrote her memoir to help others in the same situation. Giving her readers the courage and encouraging them to recognize the people who will harm them and spread toxicity in other people’s lives. Kelly did not expect the source of harm in her life to be her own parents. So, experiencing abuse at their hands was a grave betrayal of her trust and left deep wounds in her that could not be healed through salve and first aid. The emotional scars took her far longer to heal and recover from.

The gaslighting, scapegoating, and psychological manipulation she experienced in her childhood had a huge impact on her adult life as well. Kelly shares how she had trouble forming deep and meaningful bonds and connecting with people that she could rely on and find comfort with. Because of her own experiences, Miss Kelly shared her story in A Goat That Escaped and Survived so readers could avoid making the same mistakes she did in her desperate need to attempt escapism.

The trauma of being mistreated by her loved ones stunted her personal and spiritual growth. That’s when she knew that she had to ask for help and crawl her way back from the rock bottom —on the way to recovery. While she had help, she also recognized that each individual has a unique experience, even if they are facing the same problems as her. Hence, their recovery looks different as well.

Asking for help is the first step, but the real struggle is not giving up afterwards. The road to recovery is nonlinear and has many obstacles that would set one back. But one can find the strength and will to continue moving forward from within. So, start on the road towards healing with the help of A Goat That Escaped and Survived, and get a copy of the book from the official website and on Amazon.

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