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The Goat that Escaped and Survived


The Goat That Escaped and Survived, Miss Kelly’s most recent book, recounts her life’s toughest years and how she overcame them to become a survivor. Talking about the fragility of human connections and how they can manifest in the worst ways, as well as topics like abandonment, solitude, abuse, and sexual harassment.

She was inspired to write and publish this book to share her experiences with individuals who were drowning in the shadows and had given up all hope for their own lives. By shedding light on subjects that are frequently ignored and misunderstood, her book raises awareness while also conveying the idea that, despite everything that occurred to her, she survived and triumphed.

One of the sources of her strength she shares is her faith in God and how it helped her form a deeper connection with God and Jesus, which in turn motivated her to contemplate the teachings of the Bible and how the act of scapegoating has been going on since the ancient times when Jesus Christ was burned on the cross to forgive the sins of the people and bless us with God’s grace.

Kelly’s life was filled with traumatic events because she had a narcissist for a mother and an abuser for a father. Even when she left them in her twenties, the trauma followed her, and the only coping mechanisms she was able to develop were harmful ones.

Her book gives readers references from the Bible to how an ideal relationship should look between a mother-daughter, husband-wife, father-daughter, and in-laws, to not just shed light on the problem but also give a solution for it, as well as share her own recovery process.

The Goat That Escaped and Survived is a must-read for those willing to step up to understand such themes in order to help their loved ones affected by them and those who directly got the brunt of being shamed, isolated, or becoming the scapegoat for others.

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