Narcissistic Parents, it is all about Appearances

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a psychological condition that manifests itself through a multitude of distinct traits. Individuals with NPD exhibit an inflated sense of self-importance, perpetually seeking admiration from those around them while simultaneously displaying a notable absence of empathy towards others. In his insightful analysis, Kelly sheds light on eight distinct behaviors that frequently manifest within parental relationships characterized by narcissistic traits. By carefully examining these detrimental patterns, she offers valuable insights into the dynamics at play and their potential consequences.

In the book, a prominent theme that is thoroughly examined revolves around the notion that narcissistic mothers exhibit a tendency to prioritize superficial appearances rather than foster genuine emotional connections with their children. In a thought-provoking exploration, Miss Kelly delves into the intricate dynamics between mothers and their children, shedding light on a fascinating perspective. It becomes evident that these mothers perceive their children as mere extensions of their own identities, placing utmost importance on the reflection they project onto their mothers. The child’s upbringing and development are significantly influenced by a range of behaviors exhibited by their parents.


In the thought-provoking book by Miss Kelly, a disconcerting reality is brought to light —the unsettling notion that a mother with narcissistic tendencies finds solace in withholding affection and love from her own child should they fail to meet her expectations. As a result, the kid’s upbringing instills in them a deeply ingrained belief that love is contingent upon transactions and conditional reciprocity.

In Miss Kelly’s book, a striking revelation emerges regarding the normalization of verbal abuse and manipulation. Children who are raised by mothers with narcissistic tendencies frequently find themselves subjected to a range of distressing experiences, including name-calling, mocking, and gaslighting. These manipulative tactics are employed by narcissistic mothers as a means of exerting control over their children. The consequences of such circumstances manifest in the child’s gradual desensitization to these toxic behaviors, ultimately culminating in their unfortunate acceptance of similar mistreatment within subsequent relationships.

In her compelling piece, The Goat That Escaped & Survived, Miss Kelly delves into the complex realm of narcissistic parental behaviors and the profound repercussions they entail. In this thought-provoking book, readers are presented with a profound analysis of the ways in which narcissistic mothers place a high value on outward appearances. In the realm of contemporary art, the work of Miss Kelly serves as a poignant reminder of the profound significance of acknowledging and understanding the intricate dynamics that shape our lives.

Within the captivating pages of this enlightening literary piece, readers are compelled to confront a disconcerting revelation: the enduring repercussions that narcissistic parents can inflict upon their children. In its essence, the book stands as a resounding call to action, resonating with both individuals directly impacted by these intricate dynamics and seasoned professionals operating within the field. Its overarching purpose is to implore readers to delve deeper into their comprehension of these issues, extend a helping hand, and nurture the healing process.

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