The Goat that Escaped and Survived -Book Synopsis

Miss Kelly new book, The Goat that Escaped and Survived, is a chronicle of her life. She shares her traumatic story —Abandoned, isolated, abused, gaslighted, sexually harassed; Kelly found her bottom. She fought alone and found darkness and self-destruction. God was waiting and always with her. When there was nobody there for support or kindness; Kelly’s relationship with God emerged and bloomed. Her journey pivots. Understanding dysfunction and identifying the problem is the first step toward a heathier future. Kelly’s co-dependency shifts to reliance on God, our Higher Power. Through Gods rescue, Kelly escapes and survives.

The Goat that Escaped and Survived gives Miss Kelly a platform to share her own experiences, embeds inspiration from bible stories, and provides clinical evaluations. God journey for Kelly is purposeful. Gathering the puzzle pieces of past experiences, listening to Gods Will; her story finds hope and forgiveness. Building bridges from destruction, to healing, new beginnings and now paying it forward. Miss Kelly boldly shares her story to help others who may be going through similar struggles or experiences. You are not alone; there is hope for healing and growth. Sharing her story is Kelly’s way of sharing her experiences of God’s love, redemption, and transformation.

Kelly overcame shame associated with her past mistakes and struggles. Her faith strengthened as she reflects how God is working his plans in Miss Kelly’s life.

Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly was born in Prince George’s County, Maryland, in 1963. She’s a self-help author with her book, The Goat that Escaped and Survived, where she tells her life’s story of abuse, destruction, and survival. Miss Kelly, having experienced abandonment, abuse, isolation, divorce, and many other unhealthy coping mechanisms in her life, sought to write and share her experiences in support of people in similar situations. Miss Kelly is a proud survivor and a fighter against circumstances that beat her down at every turn in life.

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to blame someone for the wrongdoings of others without any proof.


cause harm to someone physically, emotionally, or psychologically.


manipulate someone to the extent that they question their own reasoning and decision-making abilities.
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